Bluecherry is an innovative product developed by Bluesky HR- leaders in HR Outsourcing and services. Bluecherry is a unique mobile based application that enables an organisation to energize employees by rewarding them on a real time basis in the form of Bluecherry Points. The focus is more on recognition and winning rather than the real value, which results in effective employee engagement.

Principles of Bluecherry

Bluecherry is designed on the principles of motivation and conditioning emerging from the science of Reinforcement. It essentially is aimed at rewarding positive behaviours that employees or affiliates demonstrate in small packets of bluecherry points immediately after such behaviours. This ensures that people are more often, likely to repeat such behaviours. The criteria could encompass aspects like spot recognition, suggestions, Great Job, referrals, employee birthdays, long service awards etc. Anything that the company would like to reinforce among employees!

Advantages and Utility
  • It’s built on the concept of all employees Winning! Most conventional programs are designed to have one employee winning and all other losing in the form of “Employee of the Month” and “Employee of the Quarter” program.
  • Bluecherry is a great tool to institutionalize and action the cherished values and culture of the Company.
  • The program permits you to empower Managers with budgets for points to be assigned to their team members at their discretion.
  • This implies that they do not need to depend upon HR and can truly feel empowered.
  • Its extremely powerful in the use of rewarding remote employees or employees located at regions and locations.
  • Employee are free to choose what they want and can also include their family in the decision of choosing rewards